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Fan Art… Sunday?

In the future, I hope to do Fan Art Friday. But for the time being, I’ll post some of the great art that my amazingly talented sisters, Kelly and Kami, have created for Flicker (in nice, big sizes so you can see all the details). Enjoy!Nasser Rew, as drawn by Kami Thornbrugh.Filo Shine, as drawn…… Continue reading Fan Art… Sunday?

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The Flicker Playlist

I can’t write without music. No, really! Music really helps me sink into the world I’m writing about, and get into the right mood to depict scenes and characters. Here’s the music I listened to while writing Flicker. The playlist follows the order of the novel–see if you can figure out what songs correspond to…… Continue reading The Flicker Playlist

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Let It Be Known

… that I successfully kept myself from watching the season finale of The Bachelor. I have reclaimed my self-respect!This is how I feel when I don’t melt my brain with The Bachelor.I’ve promised myself that I won’t get invested in Dancing with the Stars this season, but we’ll see how that turns out. (Imagine me…… Continue reading Let It Be Known

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A FLICKER of interest?

Well, FLICKER hit the shelves of the local bookstore yesterday… and promptly sold out! I’m absolutely astonished. The employee who handled my books told me she’d never seen a book sell out so fast–not even a book by a best-selling author.I’m so grateful for the support of my family and friends in this endeavor. Their…… Continue reading A FLICKER of interest?