Bonus Stories

“The Magical Art of Letting Go”

This piece of flash fiction was written as a promotional tool for Sasquan (Worldcon 2015 in Spokane, Washington). I gave the story away as a freebie during the convention, in pamphlet form.

“The Magical Art of Letting Go” takes place between chapters 22 and 23 of Flicker.

“What We Can’t See”

This bonus short story takes place approximately one year before the events of Flicker. It came about at the request of a friend who wanted to see more of Alice.

If you’ve read Flicker, then this story should be extra fun to read. If you haven’t, don’t worry: The story doesn’t contain any major spoilers, though it might whet your appetite for the rest of the book, and you may like to read it again after you’ve finished Flicker. Enjoy!

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