RadCon 7B


It’s already time again for one of my favorite SFF cons — RadCon (February 16 -18), in Pasco, Washington.

I always look forward to RadCon, but this year, there’s reason: I’ll be in the dealer’s hall! I’ll have paperbacks available, in case you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a physical copy of one of my books.

I’m sharing a booth with the incredible Ty Hulse, folklorist and faerie artist. If you enjoyed the Flicker series, I think you’ll be interested in his work, as well.  His art is enchanting, and I’ve founded his nonfiction books on folklore to be valuable resources.

Be sure to stop by the both, because I have something special for Flicker fans this year: a brand new, free short story. Just visit me in the dealer’s hall to get your copy!

Here’s my panel schedule for the weekend:

Friday, 3:15pm
Understanding the Fairies of Mythology
Using folklore and mythology, this panel will help you understand the most interesting characters in fairy tales, and the fairies themselves.

Friday, 5:45pm
What Makes a Villain?
Enough with the mustache-twirling black-caped giggler. Well-written villainy has been interesting ever since Milton wrote Satan. You can hook your reader into a hero? Great. Now find out how to hook them into a villain.

Friday, 7:00pm
Just Binge-Watched Game of Thrones
You finally did it! You finally sat down and devoted a couple of months to watching Game of Thrones. And you couldn’t be more confused. Let’s get the newbies and the experts together and help those of us who are confused get ready for Season 8.

Sunday, 11:30am:
To Outline or Not to Outline — That Is the Question
Do you sit at your lonely writer’s desk and the words flow, or do you stare at a blinking cursor, knowing the story you want to tell, but it’s just not happening? If you’re staring, you might be an outliner. Come share your techniques that get you from chapter one to “The End.”

I hope to see you there!

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