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LIGHTS (Flicker #3) is live!


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This is not a drill! Lights has been released into the wild. I really can’t tell you how excited I am to share the conclusion of this story.

Lee Capren’s life is complicated. She’s in love with a boy whose heart she broke to protect him, her home is wrecked—and she and her friends have just been arrested for practicing magic illegally.

With the evidence stacked against them, they’re given a choice: serve the Seattle Guild as apprentices, or serve time in prison. The decision seems simple, but the consequences will be greater than anyone can imagine.

Navigating Seattle’s magical scene is tough enough, even before the Summer King requests Lee as his emissary to the Winter Court—a request she can’t refuse. Suddenly, she’s entangled in a conflict brewing between two ancient powers. But there’s more to this faerie feud than meets the eye—and signs point to a shadow from Filo’s past.

The coming storm will destroy all that Lee holds dear, unless she sacrifices everything to stop it.

To everyone who’s followed Lee, Nasser, Filo and the rest of the gang this far: thank you! It’s your enthusiasm and encouragement that kept me typing one word after another, until this story was finally told.

Happy reading!

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