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I heard about Authorgraph a while ago, but only recently checked it out for myself. I wish I’d done it sooner!

In a nutshell, Authorgraph is a very cool (and free) service that makes it possible for authors to sign ebooks for their readers. Yes, really! It works across multiple reading devices and apps, so no matter how you prefer to read your ebooks, there’s an Authorgraph format that will work for you. Sending a request is also super easy–literally just the click of a button–and you can even include an additional note with your request so the author can better personalize your signature. Neat, huh?

Long story short, if you’d like me to sign your digital edition of Flicker or Brightly, I can do it! Just send a request through my Authorgraph page, or through the fancy little Authorgraph widget on the sidebar of this blog. (Actually, there are a bunch of fancy little widgets on the sidebar now that you might take a peek at.)

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