BIG NEWS: Updated Flicker Content!

(If you have a digital copy of Flicker, you definitely want to read this blog post!)
One of the beauties of indie publishing is that I can update my books as needed—upload a new cover, edit typos, fix formatting snafus. It also means that I can add content to a book that is already published.
After I first published Flicker, I got a lot of feedback from readers and reviewers. I noticed that several people were mentioning that the first chapter wasn’t quite working for them. For some readers, it was a little slow, and the “teen drama” wasn’t exactly their thing. I thought long and hard about that feedback, talked it out with my family and did a lot of contemplating, before finally deciding that I agreed with those readers. The first chapter could be faster, more action-packed. It could cut down on the “drama.”
That was when I decided to rewrite the first chapter.
It’s an almost complete revamp (though, for Lee, the end result of the chapter is much the same), and I’m extremely happy with it—much happier than I was with the original chapter. I feel like the pace is better, and the chapter is just more exciting and better-written all around. Plus, it gave me a chance to explore an idea that I’d toyed with at the beginning, one that seemed to be in readers’ minds as well: What if Lee went to the party after all? What would’ve happened?
Of course, rewriting the chapter does affect the rest of the book. I had to go through and edit the references to the original chapter, updating them to reflect the new version. Still, the overall book hasn’t changed much, other than the opening (hopefully) being more exciting for readers.
You may be wondering where that leaves you, if you’ve already purchased the ebook (or downloaded it while Flicker was being given away for free on Amazon). Well, have no fear! You can get the updated edition of Flicker for your Kindle. Here’s what you have to do:
If you have already bought/downloaded Flicker and you want the updated content, you have to contact Amazon Kindle Customer Service, by phone or email, and ask to have the new version “pushed” onto your Kindle. (It helps if you have the original order number, but if you don’t have it on-hand, the Amazon sales representative should be able to look it up for you.)
DO NOT PURCHASE THE BOOK AGAIN. My understanding is that buying the book again will just result in a download of the same edition you got the first time around.
Here’s the Amazon contact info:
Amazon Kindle Customer Service
866-216-1072 (US)
206-266-2992 (International)
It takes a little effort, but it’s worth it, I promise!
But the new first chapter isn’t the only reason to get the updated edition of Flicker. It’s got some other new content, as well: a sneak peek of Brightly (Flicker #2), as well as a short story prequel, “What We Can’t See.” (You may have read the short story here on my blog or on Goodreads, but now you can have it on your Kindle, too!)
(I’ll admit it: I’m especially excited for you guys to read the Brightly teaser and get a taste of what’s in store for Lee, Nasser, Filo and the gang!)
Let me know (via comment/FB/Twitter/email) if you get the updated ebook, and what you think of the new content—first chapter, teaser and all!

2 thoughts on “BIG NEWS: Updated Flicker Content!

  1. hey, finished your book. It was a really great read.
    I only browsed the new chapter but it seems better. (I didn't actually think much about the old chapter, but i guess some of the criticisms are not wrong.)
    I can't wait for the sequel!

    ps: now that i know that you are only 19, i find some things/choices i don't like that you or the characters made. I guess that's my jealousy talking because you've written such a good book ;). Perhaps you read differently when you know it's someones first book, more critical. I'm glad i didn't know so i could enjoy it without any prejudices.


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