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Flashback Friday: 002

First, let me apologize. I’ve been pretty busy this week, and I completely spaced about Flashback Friday… But never fear! I’ve put together a quick post. Today, we’re flashing back to…


(Admit it. You know every word to that theme song!)

You guys remember Sailor Moon, right? Maybe the guys don’t–but every girl reading this blog should remember fantasizing about running around in those gorgeous outfits, fighting evil, winning love, and all that good stuff. When I was just a Little Kaye, I remember watching Sailor Moon religiously. I also have a vivid memory of walking into the video store with my mom and nearly having an aneurysm when I spotted a VHS copy of one of the Sailor Moon movies. Seriously, I freaked out. My happiness was complete.

I remember being crazy about Sailor Jupiter, because even a kid, I loved tough, independent girls. Sailor Mars had a special place in my heart because I was jealous of her long, flowing hair. Sailor Venus was just so beautiful. I kind of wanted to be here. Sailor Moon was buckets of fun, and I more or less in love with her boyfriend. That Tuxedo Mask… *fans self*

But Sailor Mercury (Amy) was always my favorite. Especially as a Little Kaye, I was drawn to short-haired girls. I’ve always had short hair, but I barely ever saw girls with hair anything like mine in movies–likely because long hair is such a traditional symbol of femininity. (Think about: Mulan is really the only Disney girl with short hair–and her hair is still long enough to pull up into a bun!)

(Also, this is probably part of why I connected so strongly with Ghibli girls like San, Kiki and Nausicaa. I could immediately identify. From the fist moment i saw those characters, I instinctively knew that they were more like me than other characters I’d been presented with in movies and TV.)

Back to Sailor Mercury. I loved her hair–not just the length, but also the color. I’ve long been fascinated with hair dye. My fondest wish has been to dye my hair blue, but due to a series of strange occurrences (which I’ll talk about in another post someday), I’ve had to settle for purple and red. I think I also connected with that character because she was very smart and bookish, much like me as a child.

Aside from just being really fun, Sailor Moon was something little girls could watch on Saturday mornings that provided them with a group of really excellent female role models. The Sailor Scouts were so varied in their personalities–some were smart and bookish, some were more social creatures, some outgoing, some were shy, some were “girly girls,” some were more “tomboyish,” and so on. The message I took away from Sailor Moon is one that I think needs to come back in pop culture today: There’s no wrong way to be a girl!

As I sign off, allow me to leave you with another Sailor Moon tune:

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: 002

  1. I remember running around in my room dancing to Power of Love “You've got to belieeeeeeeeeeve, in the POWAOFLOVE!”. My personally favorite was Makato/Lita but had the biggest nerd crush on Mamoru/Darien! 😛 This series was my childhood!


  2. Me too! A few months ago, I was sitting in the newsroom of my college paper with a fellow newsie, and we starting poking around the Internet, looking for Sailor Moon videos. We settled on “Power of Love” and bopped along quite obnoxiously. Fortunately for us, there was nobody else in the newsroom–but even if there had been, I don't think I would've had any regrets! xD


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