Ink Scratchers review of Flicker!

Jade over at Ink Scratchers, a fabulous book blog, has posted her review of Flicker… and she liked it! A+! (Which is really saying something, because Jade is an incredibly honest reviewer, which I adore. If she doesn’t like something, she’ll say it flat-out, so I’m deeply honored that she rated Flicker so highly.) Seriously, I’m freaking out over here!

Good reviews make me feel like Aquaman!

 You can read the review of Flicker here, and you can read my guest post on Ink Scratchers (as part of Indie April) here. And you should really go follow Jade’s blog–she posts great reviews, she updates often, and she’s just a great person!

Oh, and before I forget, I got a Twitter account today! Feel free to follow me. You’ll get all kinds of kooky updates!

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