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Blogging Is Hard

I have the hardest time trying to come up with ideas for posts on this blog. The worst part is that the things I feel the strongest urge to blog about are the various TV shows that I arrange my whole week around. You guys should probably brace yourself for a few weeks of TV ranting: For one thing, The Bachelor finale is coming up (yes, I watch The Bachelor, and yes, I am properly ashamed). For another, Grey’s Anatomy has my heart in a death-grip, and at some point, I’ll need to wordvomit all my fan-feelings.

(I literally had a nightmare two nights ago in which I missed the new episode, and when I woke, I was extremely distressed. It was awful.)

And finally, The Good Wife looks like it’s going to be especially juicy this week. I’m practically shaking with excitement.

On a more interesting note, I’m still working on getting FLICKER up on Amazon–expect that within the next week. I’m determined to make it work!

I’m also toying with the idea of making a big photo-essay sort of post detailing how the Pokemon games follow Joseph Campbell’s Hero Cycle. I’m positive that it does. I just need to map it out. Be on the lookout for that coming soon!

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