Hobbit Day

Fun Fact: September 22 is the birthday of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, and has been dubbed “Hobbit Day.” Incidentally, September 22 is also my birthday. (I think I really was meant to be a Hobbit. I’d be the best Hobbit ever, and for once in my life, I’d be the tallest person around.)

It’s strange to think that, in two days, I’ll be 19. It’s stranger to think that I’ve been a legal adult for almost exactly one year, and I never got around to buying lottery tickets or cigarettes (not to smoke, mind you, just because I can). I still need to buy a pipe for myself, so I can stand around and pose with it like a Victorian gentleman. Does anyone know of a place to buy bubble pipes?

In the past, I probably was excited before my birthday–but this time around, I don’t feel much of anything. Dread, perhaps, because I know that one day, I’ll wake up on my birthday and realize that I have more life behind me than I have ahead of me?

(Actually, I lied. My wonderful sister has promised me brownie cupcakes with lavender icing for my birthday, so I’m pretty excited about that.)

Word of the Day:
Cupcake: Noun. 1. A small cake baked in a cup-shaped container and typically iced. 2. My reason for being.

And with that… back to Pottermore! *waves wand*

One thought on “Hobbit Day

  1. You should try amazon for a bubble pipe since they have pretty much everything. Including copious amounts of AAA batteries no one would ever buy unless they were drunk at four in the AM and they were a boy.


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